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SSPI Podcast

This is the podcast of the Space & Satellite Professionals International. On this channel, we release podcasts in two series: Better Satellite World and Making Leaders.

Better Satellite World episodes feature conversations with people whose work in space & satellite make a stronger economy, a better society and a more sustainable planet. They demonstrate why space technology is indispensable to modern life.
SSPI’s Making Leaders program is dedicated to building the human capital and leadership strength of the space and satellite industry.  Podcasts feature interviews with leaders on their own career paths and the essentials of hiring, managing and leading others.

SSPI releases a new podcast every Monday.

SSPI podcasts are made possible with the support of our Corporate Partners:

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Featured Podcasts

Risk, Season 2

In season 2 of the popular Risk Better Satellite World podcast series, we explore the various types of risks inherent in the industry and in life - risks that speak to innovation, hard work and leaning into fear. The sixth episode features a conversation with entrepreneur Gagan Agrawal, PwC India’s Saurabh Bhattacharya and USIBC’s Jay Gullish.

Sponsored by Kymeta Corporation, ManSat and OneWeb Satellites

Leadership in Turbulent Times – How to Lead Where There is No Path

In this podcast, members of the Hall of Fame and 20 Under 35 answer questions about leading people, projects and companies through the first global pandemic of the space and satellite age, and the long recovery from it. The conversation features SES’ Steve Collar, AvL’s Jim Oliver, Planet’s Brittany Zajic, and URSA Space’s Zachary Downey.

Sponsored by Artel, AvL Technologies and Northrop Grumman

Making a Better World: Conversations with the 2020 Better Satellite World Award Recpients

In this podcast series, SSPI interviews the recipients of the 2020 Better Satellite World Awards about their projects, goals and making a better world for all. This three-part series features Avanti's Debbie Mavis, SES's Alan Kuresevic and SatSure's Prateep Basu.

Closing the Link

In this podcast series, we look at the importance of high-performance ground segment as a key to unlocking new opportunities in space that we’ve never imagined. This three-part series features SES's Nicole Robinson, Isotropic Systems' Jeremy Turpin, Telesat's Manik Vinnakota and Kepler's Mina Mitry.

Sponsored by Isotropic Systems

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