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SSPI Podcast

This is the podcast of the Space & Satellite Professionals International. On this channel, we release podcasts in two series: Better Satellite World and Making Leaders.

Better Satellite World episodes feature conversations with people whose work in space & satellite make a stronger economy, a better society and a more sustainable planet. They demonstrate why space technology is indispensable to modern life.
SSPI’s Making Leaders program is dedicated to building the human capital and leadership strength of the space and satellite industry.  Podcasts feature interviews with leaders on their own career paths and the essentials of hiring, managing and leading others.

SSPI releases a new podcast every Monday.

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Featured Podcasts

The Last Human Election: How AI Will Influence Space Policy and Culture

In this Better Satellite World podcast, based on the June 2024 edition of the New York Space Business Roundtable, our panel of experts takes a hard-nosed look at how the public and private sectors share the world of AI. Among other questions, we ask: What role will AI have on military applications in space and on the ability to anticipate threats and opportunities that the commercial sector can benefit from? And while space is increasingly a warfare theater, will it also become a culture which, through commerce and global cooperation, becomes a place where conflicts are “de-risked”? You’ll hear from Dr. James Cunningham, DoD Business Development at Wallaroo; Chris Cummins, Chief of Staff at Voyager Space; Stuart Daughtridge, Senior VP of Advanced Technology at Kratos, Chairman of DIFI and Finalist 2023 Satellite Executive of the Year; and Jeremy Fand, Co-Founder and CEO, SeerAI, Inc.

The Promise

In this Better Satellite World podcast series, we ask the question: “What would you do if you had the power to make the world a better place during your career?” Joining SSPI’s Lou Zacharilla to answer that question in the seventh and final episode are 3 members of the “20 Under 35” cohort of 2023: Andrew Chau, Space Mission Program Manager at Millennium Space Systems (A Boeing Company), Bhavi Jagatia, Astrodynamics Engineer at Planet and Matej Poliacek, ISS Flight Operations Engineer & STRATOS Flight Control Team Deputy Lead at DLR – German Aerospace Centre.

New Ideas in Space Safety

A sustainable space environment for machines and people is a basic condition for the space economy. It is how we will maintain access to orbit and achieve the commercial success the industry dreams of. Until now, the world has relied on treaties and cooperation among business and government to keep space safe. As the value of space grows, that approach is fast running out of runway. In the podcast series of Reducing the Risks of Space, Part 2: New Ideas in Space Safety, we explore policy, law, technology and operations in development now to manage the challenging space environment of the future. The second episode features a conversation with Merissa Velez, Chief of the Satellite Programs and Policy Division at the Federal Communication Commission’s (FCC) Space Bureau.

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AI is the End of the Space and Satellite Industry (at Least as We Know It!)

In this Better Satellite World podcast, based on the May edition of the New York Space Business Roundtable, you'll hear the first AI talk at the Roundtable. It’s the gamechanger and it’s here and moving fast. How fast and where is it going to land in the commercial space sector? In this conversation, we bring AI into the house and to space and satellite to find out where it is doing a makeover on commercial space. We look for answers from the government sector, too, and talk about how AI can help smaller companies get contracts, financing and customers. Our speakers include Matteo Cuccorese, Co-founder & CEO of SPAICE, Sapna Rao, Senior Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin and 2023 “20 Under 35” Honoree and Hanna Steplewska, President and COO of Cognitive Space.

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