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SSPI Podcast

This is the podcast of the Space & Satellite Professionals International. On this channel, we release podcasts in two series: Better Satellite World and Making Leaders.

Better Satellite World episodes feature conversations with people whose work in space & satellite make a stronger economy, a better society and a more sustainable planet. They demonstrate why space technology is indispensable to modern life.
SSPI’s Making Leaders program is dedicated to building the human capital and leadership strength of the space and satellite industry.  Podcasts feature interviews with leaders on their own career paths and the essentials of hiring, managing and leading others.

SSPI releases a new podcast every Monday.

SSPI podcasts are made possible with the support of our Corporate Partners:

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Featured Podcasts

GEO 2.0

GEO satellite has been with us since the dawn of the satellite age, and it’s easy for us to take it for granted. GEO 2.0 makes its contribution to the Eternal Orbit campaign by inviting today’s experts in geosynchronous orbit to discuss the future of this grandfather of satellite orbits. What’s new, what’s sexy and what is tried and true? In the fourth episode, based on the September edition of the New York Space Business Roundtable, we hear from Joe Bernabucci, Director of Strategy & Market Intelligence at Hughes, William Mudge, Vice President of Engineering Operations, USA at Speedcast and Steve Nixon, President and Co-Founder of SmallSat Alliance. They discuss if the Outernet is outer nuts and if GEO has entered a new era that will be even more potent than the first.

Underwritten by Hughes

The Road Less Travelled

In this podcast series, SSPI’s Lou Zacharilla speaks with people whose lives and work inspire us because they walk “the road less travelled,” the one leading us to a wider view of space, satellites and our quest for the dwelling of light we call “The Truth.” The fourth episode features a conversation with Dr. Kimberly Arcand, Visualization Scientist & Emerging Tech Lead for NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Sponsored by ATLAS Space Operations

When Space Veterans Lead New Space Companies

In this series, we hear from long-time industry members who moved from positions at established companies and their own entrepreneurial pursuits to leadership roles at new space companies. The second episode features a conversation with Ronald van der Breggen, CCO at Rivada Space Networks.

Running with Scissors in Space

Recent tragedies always remind us how vulnerable we are and often how much risk is acceptable and how much danger can be avoided. In this podcast, based on the July edition of the New York Space Business Roundtable, during a time when commercial, civil and government-related space activities are popping-up like flowers, we put the financial and ethical lenses on the issue of risk, reward and motive. Hear from The Aerospace Corporation’s Senior Project Leader of the Space Architecture Dept. Grant Cates and Systems Director for the Center for Space Policy and Strategy Josef Koller and Access Partnership’s Head of Global Market Access Juan Cacace as they discuss these issues and more.

Current Podcasts

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