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SSPI Podcast

This is the podcast of the Space & Satellite Professionals International. On this channel, we release podcasts in two series: Better Satellite World and Making Leaders.

Better Satellite World episodes feature conversations with people whose work in space & satellite make a stronger economy, a better society and a more sustainable planet. They demonstrate why space technology is indispensable to modern life.
SSPI’s Making Leaders program is dedicated to building the human capital and leadership strength of the space and satellite industry.  Podcasts feature interviews with leaders on their own career paths and the essentials of hiring, managing and leading others.

SSPI releases a new podcast every Monday.

SSPI podcasts are made possible with the support of our Corporate Partners:

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Featured Podcasts

Safe Space

The Safe Space podcast series – part of the Reducing the Risks of Space campaign – explores policy, law, technology and operations in development now to manage the challenging space environment of the future. The fifth episode features a conversation on human sexuality in space, including the inherent risks therein, with Maria Santaguida, PhD Candidate and Researcher at Concordia University and Simon Dubé, PhD, Research Fellow at the Kinsey Institute.

Seeking the Hidden Dangers of Space Debris with Privateer

In this Better Satellite World podcast, originally aired as part of the Making Space for New Space series, we hear from Alex Fielding, co-founder and CEO of Privateer. Alex joins SSPI’s Lou Zacharilla to talk about Privateer’s goals and strategies, particularly concerning the enormous and vital task of removing already existing space debris and preventing more. Space debris will be a major topic in the coming weeks as well, as we begin the Reducing the Risks of Space campaign, so stay tuned!

Luxembourg – The Best Investment in Space History?

In this Better Satellite World podcast, SSPI’s Lou Zacharilla speaks with Marc Serres, CEO of the Luxembourg Space Agency. Mr. Serres joins Lou to speak about Luxembourg’s remarkable space innovation and investment ecosystem, from how it came to be to where the nation sees its programs headed next. Part of this interview was originally aired during the March 2023 edition of the New York Space Business Roundtable.

Making a Better World: Conversations with the 2022 Better Satellite World Award Recipients

In this series, we hear from representatives from the three companies that received Better Satellite World Awards in 2022 for making the world a more prosperous, healthier, better-educated, more sustainable and inclusive home for all humankind. The third and final episode features Kevin Cohen, General Manager for Global Prepaid Internet & LATAM Fixed Broadband at Viasat. Spire received a Better Satellite World Award in 2022 for providing satellite broadband connectivity to Ukranian refugees.

Current Podcasts

Safe Landing

Voices of Promise

Space for All, Season 2

Risk, Season 2