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SSPI Podcast

This is the podcast of the Space & Satellite Professionals International. On this channel, we release podcasts in two series: Better Satellite World and Making Leaders.

Better Satellite World episodes feature conversations with people whose work in space & satellite make a stronger economy, a better society and a more sustainable planet. They demonstrate why space technology is indispensable to modern life.
SSPI’s Making Leaders program is dedicated to building the human capital and leadership strength of the space and satellite industry.  Podcasts feature interviews with leaders on their own career paths and the essentials of hiring, managing and leading others.

SSPI releases a new podcast every Monday.

SSPI podcasts are made possible with the support of our Corporate Partners:

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Featured Podcasts

Peter B. de Selding, Co-Founder and Chief Editor of SpaceIntelReport

In this Making Leaders podcast, we hear from Peter B. de Selding, Co-Founder and Chief Editor of SpaceIntelReport and one of the four inductees to the Space & Satellite Hall of Fame in 2021.

Summer Fun 2021

Summer is a time for fun in the sun, for vacations, hobbies and taking a step back from the usual business of the industry. In this podcast series, we check in on what people in the industry are doing this summer, what they’re thinking about for the fall as they head out on vacation and what they’re planning to do to when they return to make a better satellite world. The eighth and final episode is a two-part feature of the Satellite Groupies!

Safe Landing

In this podcast series, we speak with members of companies and developers of key technologies on the ground who are getting the job done here on Earth for the space and satellite industry. The third and final episode features Speedcast's Will Mudge, Kratos' Chris Boyd and NSR's Carlos Placido!

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Voices of Promise

In this Making Leaders podcast series, we hear from some of the many voices of promise in the SEDS USA and UKSEDS organizations. In the second episode, we speak with Andrew Swackhamer and Mack Rodgers, two members of the University of Colorado Boulder team, second place winners of the 2019-2020 SSPI-SEDS USA Competition: Taking Out the Trash.

Current Podcasts