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Better Satellite World Podcast: The State of Space in a New York State of Mind

Billy Joel was in a New York State of mind and he made the world want to be here in it too. Today the commercial space industry would LIKE to be in a New York space of mind. Or would it? States like Florida, Texas and Virginia are all beginning to attract investment and investors to the rich space and satellite ecosystems that they have built by bringing together universities, local governments and innovators of all kinds to pan for the new gold and explore the millions of opportunities of the new frontier. It’s serious business. And New York has the ways and means. But it does it have the vision and the political intelligence? You’ll find out in this podcast, based on the June 15 New York Space Business Roundtable. We’ll be getting real with Wall Street and the State of New York about why it is that the state which built the Erie Canal and the Empire State Building is not the state where space is flying.

Featuring guests:

  • Terence J. Clas, Business Development
  • Patrick Chase and Evan Lerner, Co-founders, Empire Space
  • Will Porteous, General Partner and COO, RRE Ventures
  • Jason Rainbow, Senior Staff Writer, SpaceNews
  • Debra Werner, Silicon Valley Correspondent, SpaceNews




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