Leadership Development

SSPI works to improve the industry’s ability to engage and manage talent, and honors companies for commitment to the people whose talents make innovation happen.  It happens through online education on talent management for members and sponsors, and through talent recognition across the industry for young employees, budding entrepreneurs and accomplished veterans.

Discovering Talent

SSPI offers sponsors the opportunity to attend, speak and exhibit at student space conferences, where hundreds of engineers-in-training gather.  MORE

Mentoring Talent

SSPI appoints Mentors from its membership to support the teams in our research competition and offer career guidance one-on-one.  MORE

Making Leaders

SSPI offers webinars and reports specific to the industry on managing people, from recruiting and engaging new hires to managing talent for results.  MORE

Recognizing Leaders

SSPI’s industry-wide talent recognition programs boost morale and performance, and honor companies for their ability to foster high-quality leaders. MORE

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