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Better Satellite World: Summer Fun - School's Out 2022

In this third year of the Summer Fun podcast series, we again talk with industry leaders and some of space and satellite’s most interesting people to find out something about them you may not know. This year’s question is: “What did you learn about the commercial space & satellite industry that you didn’t learn in school?”

Episode 1: Randy Segal, Partner at Hogan Lovells and the 2018 Mentor of the Year

Randy Segal co-heads the Global Space Practice at Hogan Lovells, a position she has held for twelve years. Her career in the space and satellite industry started in 1992, and includes many leadership roles, including serving as general counsel or director, for American Mobile Satellite Corporation, XM Satellite Radio, Hughes Network Systems, TerreStar Networks (now EchoStar), and Mobile Satellite Ventures/SkyTerra (now Ligado Networks). At Hogan Lovells, Randy represents a wide range of clients, including some of the most active global satellite innovators and new space companies, startups, large Silicon Valley players, and even sovereign governments. Throughout her career, Randy has served as a mentor, guide, and advisor for aspiring space professionals, particularly the growing number of young women entering the field. Her efforts include working with SatNews to profile more women at its SmallSat and Satellite Innovation Symposiums, as well as working actively with the Women in Space Initiative to advocate for mentorship and support for women in the satellite industry. Randy was selected as the 2018 Mentor of the Year. Learn more about Randy.

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Episode 2: Bob Collom, Integration Lead, Mars Reconnaissance Team of the Planetary Science Division, NASA

Bob Collom is currently an integration lead on the Mars Reconnaissance Team in the Planetary Science Division at NASA HQ. In this capacity he helps identify and answer questions we need to resolve to safely put humans in the Martian system. Bob is also the Deputy Executive Secretary for the International Mars Exploration Working Group (IMEWG), a collaborative effort by 28 participating space agencies to advance Martian exploration through international cooperation. Additionally, Bob supports NASA’s contributions to the International Mars Ice Mapper mission concept and ongoing Mars Exploration Program strategic planning.

Bob joined NASA as an intern in the NASA history office while completing his master’s degree in political science with a focus in space flight policy. Bob is a lifelong space advocate and science fiction nerd who enjoys gardening, Dungeons & Dragons, and the company of his cats.

Episode 3: Lon Levin, Vice President of New Ventures at Lockheed Martin Space

Lon Levin is Vice President of New Ventures at Lockheed Martin Space. In his current position, he is responsible for developing new businesses and markets for the company. Previously, Lon was the President and Chief Executive Officer of GEOshare, an entrepreneurial subsidiary of Lockheed Martin that developed new satellite and space businesses. He has 30 years experience as an executive and entrepreneur in the telecommunications, media, and aerospace industries. Before joining Lockheed Martin, Lon co-founded XM Satellite Radio and played an integral executive role in the formation and development of other media, satellite, and wireless companies, including Mobile Satellite Ventures, XM Canada, Slacker Radio, American Mobile Satellite Corporation, TerraStar Networks, and SkySevenVentures. Before his corporate career, Lon was a partner in the law firm of Gurman, Kurtis, Blask & Freedman, specializing in space and satellite law. He holds five telecommunication satellite patents. Lon serves on the Board of Directors of The Planetary Society (Treasurer) and the Board of Governors of the National Space Society. He is a co-founder and senior advisor to Arizona State University’s MILO Space Science Institute. Lon previously served on the Board of Directors of the Space Foundation, the Defense Business Board of the U.S. Department of Defense) and the Human Exploration and Operations Committee of the NASA Advisory Council. He is a founding board member of the Satellite Industry Association.

Episode 4: Sydney Hamilton, Structures Stress Manager at Boeing and a 2021 Promise Award Recipient

Sydney Hamilton began her career at Boeing in 2014 as a Structural Design Engineer, a role in which she supported projects like the 777 Automated Floor Drilling Equipment Elimination & Floor Redesign project and the 777X Folding Wing-Tip Mock-Up. She also worked in the Commercial Aircraft Operations Center as a Service Engineer before moving on to become a Mechanical Systems Engineer designing, analyzing and managing projects for additively manufactured parts for space and launch systems. Sydney next took on the position of Responsible Engineering Authority (REA) for satellite reflectors, in which she led a cross-functional team to develop reflectors for multiple commercial and government programs, demonstrating rapid problem-solving skills and the ability to consistently meet aggressive deadlines and cost targets. In her current role of Structures Stress Engineering Manager, she leads a high-performing team of 18 engineers that perform critical technical analyses for all 3 major Boeing Divisions: Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA), Boeing Defense, Space & Security (BDS) and Boeing Global Services (BGS). While Sydney’s primary organization within the company is in BCA, her leadership spans beyond BCA products to include BDS products such as the CST-100 Starliner reusable spacecraft capsule, Space Launch System and Wideband Global SATCOM.

Sydney has distinguished herself in many areas since joining Boeing. She became Manager of the Structural Analysis Team at Boeing just after her 30th birthday, a role in which she leads a team that provides structural analysis engineering for design, repairs and modifications for multiple Boeing programs, including satellites, rockets, manned spacecraft and commercial airplanes. As part of the Advance Design Engineering Additive Manufacturing Team, Sydney developed and maintained the largest database of additive manufacturing analyses at Boeing. Sydney received a Promise Award from SSPI in 2021 as one of three leaders of the 2021 “20 Under 35” cohort.Learn more about Sydney.

Episode 5: Chris Stott, Founder, Chair and CEO of Lonestar Data Holdings and Founder and Non-Executive Chairman of ManSat

Chris Stott is the Founder, Chair, and CEO of Lonestar Data Holdings Inc., the Lunar information, technology and communications company. Chris is also the Founder and Non-Executive Chair of ManSat, the world’s largest commercial provider of satellite spectrum.

Chris serves as the Chair Emeritus, alongside the late Sir Arthur C. Clarke, of the Space and Satellite Professionals International (SSPI), the largest professional association in the global space and satellite industry, which also named him Satellite Industry Mentor of the Year for 2015.

Chris’s passion for the economics and commerce of space has led him to co-found both the Institute of Space Commerce in the United States and the International Institute of Space Commerce on the Isle of Man in the British Isles. He has served on faculty at the International Space University (ISU) since 2003 and is a former co-chair of the university’s school of business and management. Chris is also a guest lecturer in space law and regulation at MIT Media Labs, the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and the School of Law at the University of Houston.

In his spare time, Chris is a multi-award winning producer, writer and documentary filmmaker. A naturalized Manx American, Chris lives in Florida with this wife and son and their dogs. He enjoys shooting (pistol, rifle, skeet, and trap), SCUBA and Free Diving and flying helicopters. He drinks way too much coffee and rarely watches TV. When he needs to sleep, he reads his own bio. Learn more about Chris.