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Topic Campaigns

SSPI’s topic campaigns focus on a single major issue for the space & satellite industry and the world as a whole. Over the course of these multi-week campaigns, we explore the issue in depth through podcasts, live online conversations featuring a wide variety of experts, videos and a new issue of The Orbiter.

Coming Up Next:

  • Invisible, Indispensable Infrastructure – April 22 - May 24, 2024
  • Digital Space
  • The Business of Space is Everywhere

Get Involved in a Topic Campaign

SSPI invites underwriters to join a global conversation delivered in a single month through our most popular platforms:

  • Podcast interviews with thought leaders in business and government
  • Videos in the Better Satellite World series
  • The Orbiter digital magazine, offering expert commentary on critical issues
  • Live virtual conversations among leading thinkers and practitioners

OR you can propose a new topic to host in 2024-2025. Contact Tamara Bond-Williams to get involved today!

Invisible, Indispensable Infrastructure

Begins April 22, 2024

Bridging the Broadband Gap

January 23 - February 28, 2023

New Ideas in Space Safety

April 15 – December
31, 2024

Opening the Final Frontier

October 24 -
December 1, 2022

Eternal Orbit

September 4 - October 12, 2023

Untangling the Supply Chain

May 2 - June 6, 2022

Reducing the Risks of Space

May 8 – June 18, 2023

Climate Sense

January 10 - February 23, 2022