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Making Leaders: Outside In

Talent attraction is a many-faceted challenge that is top of mind for our rapidly expanding industry. We have to fill the talent pipeline, from grade school through to institutions of higher learning. And we need to attract talented individuals already in the workforce to meet immediate talent needs.

Outside In explores all the ways people are outside, and how to invite them in, inclusive of gender, ethnicity or race, nationality, other industries, other disciplines. How do we invite people in? How do we make our industry the most attractive and the most inviting?

In this Making Leaders interview, members of the 2022 “20 Under 35” cohort join SSPI’s Tamara Bond-Williams to explore this concept of “Outside In.” Click here to learn more about the members of the 2022 “20 Under 35” cohort.

Interviewees include:

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This interview is also available as a two-part podcast:


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