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Space Business Qualified

Space Business Qualified (SBQ) is set of online courses and certification testing in the business of space & satellite. It is developed by SSPI in partnership with GVF and the online education company SatProf.

Why SBQ?

While rockets and spacecraft travel fast, for many decades the space and satellite industry did not. It innovated at a measured pace with long timelines for assets in orbit. But those days are now in the rear-view mirror. Waves of new investment and the plummeting cost of access to space are driving an explosion of new business models and once-unimaginable tech solutions. They are also driving the fastest ramp-up of headcount in the industry’s history and accelerating the pace at which people move and change within companies.

Saving Time and Money

That is the challenge the Space Business Qualification program was designed to meet. Traditionally, when people joined companies or changed jobs, they gained the skills and knowledge they needed through on-the-job experience or in graduate programs. Those still have value. But for most people in most jobs, they are too slow, costly or both. SBQ saves hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars with an online learning and certification program that increases the effectiveness of people working in every discipline and enhances their ability to rise in their profession.

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