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Better Satellite World Podcast: Profits & Justice in the New Space Society

In this episode of the Better Satellite World podcast, SSPI’s Lou Zacharilla and Tamara Bond-Williams speak with Actor/Producer Cas Anvar about the future of society in space and how we must strive to balance financial viability with creating a safe and open home for humanity beyond the stars.

Cas Anvar is an actor and producer who has been working in the industry for the past 20 years. He founded The Shakespeare company in Montreal, Canada called Repercussion Theatre. Cas recently finished his last season on the hit Amazon show The Expanse, in which he played Alex Kamal, a martian-born transport pilot. He has starred in a variety of other movies and TV series, including the Oscar-nominated Room & Argo and The Operative. For his roles in The Lie and How to Get Away with Murder, Cas was nominated for two Emmy Awards in 2020. He also starred in The Strain TV series.




This podcast is also available in video format:


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 November 28, 2022