Attracting New Talent into the Satellite Industry

SSPI works with the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS - to attract talent to the satellite industry.  Founded in 1980 as an independent, student-run organization, SEDS promotes the exploration and development of space through public outreach and education, supporting its expansive network of space-minded students, providing leadership development opportunities, and inspiring others through involvement in space-related projects. The non-profit organization has chapters at universities across the US and around the world, reaching thousands of graduate and undergraduate students. 

SSPI works with SEDS to educate its members on the exciting job opportunities available in the satellite industry, where their passion for space can forget a successful and fulfilling career.  We bring panel sessions of satellite executives to the annual SEDS conferences and organize competitions for student teams that encourage them to apply their engineering, business and policy talents to pending challenges in the satellite business. 

As part of our New Century Workforce project, we also bring human resource executives from satellite companies to SEDS conferences, where recruiters find a highly-qualified candidates eager to enter their companies as interns and entry-level employees. Learn More

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