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Better Satellite World Podcast: Running with Scissors in Space

Recent tragedies always remind us how vulnerable we are and often how much risk is acceptable and how much danger can be avoided. In this podcast, based on the July edition of the New York Space Business Roundtable, during a time when commercial, civil and government-related space activities are popping-up like flowers, we put the financial and ethical lenses on the issue of risk, reward and motive. Our guests include:

  • Grant Cates, Sr Project Leader, Space Architecture Dept., The Aerospace Corporation
  • Juan Cacace, Head of Global Market Access, Access Partnership
  • Josef Koller, Systems Director for the Center for Space Policy and Strategy, The Aerospace Corporation

And in this podcast, we asked them:

  • How much protection do explorers and innovators need?
  • How much assurance does a wealthy person paying to take a dangerous risk need?
  • What is an ethical risk in a system predicated on innovation, adventure, danger and profit?
  • Are people duped into unsafe situations today because of outright greed and negligence?




You can watch the original July 2023 edition of the New York Space Business Roundtable here:


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 August 07, 2023