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The Orbiter

SSPI has transformed its news vehicle, The Orbiter, into a beautiful, mobile-friendly digital magazine you can read from your desktop, tablet or phone, or as a handy print-out to carry with you on travel trips. The Orbiter brings provides expert commentary on industry issues and reports on SSPI’s campaigns and chapters to more than 3,800 members and 2,000 additional industry contacts.


In Our Orbit

SSPI publishes a monthly e-newsletter to its members and contacts with industry news and a round-up of SSPI happenings, from local chapter events and award announcements to updates on the activities of our current Space & Satellite Hall of Fame and notable obituaries.


Space & Satellite News for Students

SSPI publishes a bi-monthly publication targeting students and young professionals with key content from the Better Satellite World and Making Leaders campaigns. The newsletter goes to SSPI Student Members, and SSPI educational partners, including SEDS-USA, UKSEDS and SGAC.


Event Program Advertisements

At most SSPI events, companies have the opportunity to produce ads for insertion into the event program distributed to all guests at the event. These ads salute an honoree while simultaneously providing brand-messaging for the company. They offer a unique way to affiliate the company brand and messaging with the occasion.


Campaign Sponsorships

SSPI’s weekly podcast features standalone interviews and series for both the Better Satellite World and Making Leaders campaigns. Sponsors can support an interview with a particular guest or an entire series, for which they receive attribution and the opportunity to choose an appropriate topic and recommend guests.

As part of the Better Satellite World campaign, SSPI publishes videos depicting space and satellite technologies as the world's invisible but indispensable infrastructure, contributing to the economy, society, safety and sustainability. Videos are distributed through a variety of industry channels, and average 4,000 views within the first six months of publication. Sponsors are recognized verbally in these videos as well as on SSPI’s website and have the opportunity to choose an appropriate topic and make other recommendations.

As part of the Making Leaders campaign, SSPI publishes reports focusing on how companies can improve retention and develop talent into leadership from the employee’s first day on the job up to the C-Suite. Sponsors receive attribution in the report and all promotions, including on the SSPI site.


Advertise With Us

We invite companies to advertise through any of these media or to work with us on a full topic campaign! Contact Tamara Bond-Williams for more information on these campaigns. Some SSPI sponsorship packages include one or more ads in our online publications with the sponsorship – but now you can purchase an ad directly as well! Most advertising opportunities are available at a 30% discount for SSPI Corporate Members. Download the media kit.