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Making Leaders Podcast: Growing Small Technology Concepts into Global Organizations - A Conversation with Joe Spytek, CEO of Speedcast and 2023 Inductee to the Space & Satellite Hall of Fame

In this Making Leaders podcast, we hear from Joe Spytek, CEO of Speedcast and one of three inductees to the Space & Satellite Hall of Fame in 2023. In his 17 years as Co-Founder and CEO for ITC Global, Joe Spytek grew the company from a disaster recovery start-up to a remote communications leader, coordinating the sale of the business to Panasonic in 2015.

At Speedcast, he led the company through a complete recapitalization during the height of the global pandemic, while consolidating more than 15 legacy organizations, each with different networks and platforms. Just 18 months later, Speedcast had created something new – a global network delivering the multi-path, multi-orbit, software-defined service that the industry talks about as the future. It has enabled Speedcast to integrate LEO connectivity into managed-service solutions for customers to take advantage of lower latency while receiving guaranteed service levels. Speedcast now operates the industry’s largest global network, topping out at more than 30 Gbps of total bandwidth to customers in 2022 when the company stood up 65 new networks in a matter of weeks to support demand. Read more about Joe.




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