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Satellites & Ukraine

In this Better Satellite World podcast series, we look at the role satellites are playing during the war in Ukraine, as well as a range of wider issues in the space & satellite industry related to it.

Episode 1: War Intel from Space - A Conversation with Journalist Peter B. de Selding

Peter B. de Selding delivered more than 20 years of incisive coverage of the commercial space and satellite industry as Paris bureau chief of SpaceNews before co-founding SpaceIntelReport and becoming Chief Editor. His reporting has broken many major stories in the industry and never hesitated to tackle controversies, reveal conflicts of interest and hold business leaders accountable for their decisions. That quality led SSPI, in 2015, to present Peter with a Better Satellite World Award in recognition of his role in making a better industry. Since its founding in 2017, SpaceIntelReport has delivered some of the most accurate, reliable and insightful reporting in the business. In 2021, Peter was inducted into the Space & Satellite Hall of Fame for his achievements. Learn more about Peter.

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Episode 2: Strategy Informed by Satellite - A Conversation with Strategic Communications Consultant Warren Ferster

Warren Ferster is a Strategic Communications Consultant, Writer and Analyst with 25 years of experience reporting on and analyzing global space industry and policy issues. He previously served as Editor-in-Chief for SpaceNews magazine for nearly a decade after 8 years as Deputy Editor and nearly 6 years as a National Affairs Reporter. Before joining SpaceNews magazine, he spent 3 years as a Space Industry Reporter for Defense Daily. Warren earned his Masters degree in National Security Policy Studies at George Washington University.

Episode 3: Ensuring Communications During War - A Conversation with Speedcast's Nick Burrett

Nick Burrett is Senior Sales Manager at Speedcast, a position he has held for 4 years. Before joining Speedcast, he spent 5 years as a Sales Manager at SES. Nick has held senior sales positions at CETel GmbH and Telesat Canada, and served as Senior Account Manager for both Telia International Carrier and GlobeCast. He began his career in the industry at Taran Microsystems United, where he spent 4 years as Account Manager, before moving on to Sales Manager at ntl Broadcast. Nick has a degree from the University of Bedfordshire.

Episode 4: Space as the New Battlefront - A Conversation with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Nick Reese

Nick Reese is the Deputy Director for Emerging Technology Policy at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). He is the founding supervisor of a new policy team focused on emerging technology issues in the geopolitical context. Before this role, he served for 1.5 years as a Senior Cyber Policy Analyst for the DHS. Nick began his career as a Supervisor and Operations Specialist in the U.S. Navy, a position he held for 9 years. He went on to serve as a consultant for the Strategic Intelligence Group and a National Security and Technology Expert and Branch Manager for the U.S. Intelligence Community. Nick is a graduate of Saint Leo University and Old Dominion University, where he received his Master’s degree in International Relations and Affairs.