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Better Satellite World Podcast: So You Think You Want to Be an Astropreneur?

In this podcast, based on the November 2022 edition of the New York Space Business Roundtable, our guests round out a three-month conversation about the Cislunar economy, whether it is “real” or not and the best opportunities in it. The conversation features a diverse group of astropreneurs explaining why they have invested time, money and sweat equity to pursue businesses in the Cislunar economy.

Speakers include:

  • Robert Conrad, Vice President, NASA & Civil Space, SpaceLink
  • Mark Quinn, CEO, WTW Global Inspace
  • John Rood, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, Momentus
  • Andrew Rush, President & Chief Operating Officer, Redwire
  • Yossi Yamin, CEO, SpacePharma




SSPI’s Better Satellite World campaign is made possible with the support of our corporate partners

 December 12, 2022