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Podcast: SSPI-WISE Presents - An Entrepreneurial Workshop

On September 28 during the September open meeting, SSPI-WISE was pleased to offer a workshop on entrepreneurship. This podcast, the first of the SSPI-WISE Presents series, is based on that inspiring workshop.

Everyone charts their own career path and for some that path is entrepreneurial. We have all heard about the challenges and successes of “running your own business,” but this podcast offers you a first-hand look through the experiences of a panel of women entrepreneurs. You’ll hear answers to your questions on key issues including:

  • Why start your own business
  • How to establish Goals, Mission, and Value Proposition
  • Developing Finance and other Resources

In this podcast, you’ll hear from:

  • Mary Frost, CEO, Power to Change US
  • Susan Irwin, President, Irwin Communications
  • Andy Steinem, CEO, Dahl-Morrow International
  • Dasha Tyshlek, CEO, StratCraft




SSPI’s podcast series are made possible with the support of our corporate partners

 October 16, 2023