Better Satellite World: Risk

In this Better Satellite World podcast series, we explore the various types of risks inherent in the industry and in life - risks that speak to innovation, hard work and leaning into fear.

Episode 1: A Conversation with Northrop Grumman's Frank DeMauro

Frank DeMauro is the Vice President & General Manager for Tactical Space Systems at Northrop Grumman. Now in his third decade in the business, Mr. DeMauro is responsible for the company’s range of satellites and spacecraft. His division's portfolio includes space programs such as NASA’s commercial resupply services. Prior to serving in his current role, Mr. DeMauro held similar titles in the company’s Innovation Systems Sector, including Senior Program Director and Vice President of Engineering.

Mr. DeMauro is a universally respected figure in the industry and a graduate of Rutgers University. In a conversation with SSPI Director of Development and Innovation Lou Zacharilla, he talks about Northrop Grumman’s recent historic achievement – reviving a satellite in orbit.

Episode 2: A Conversation with AXA XL's Chris Kunstadter

Chris Kunstadter is Global Head of Space at AXA XL, where he manages the company’s space insurance portfolio. He is actively involved in all aspects of AXA XL’s space insurance business, including technical, financial and actuarial analysis, policy wording construction, claims handling, and business development.

Chris has been responsible for developing and exploiting innovative satellite salvage opportunities, as well as being involved with numerous failure review boards for satellites and launch vehicles. In addition, he has worked closely with satellite operators, launch providers, and government agencies to enhance industry understanding of space collision risk and space situational awareness, and has participated in developing guidelines on risk management aspects of space collision risk. Prior to joining AXA, Chris was Executive Vice President at U.S. Aviation Underwriters, Inc., where he managed the Aerospace and IT Departments.

Chris is a recognized leader in risk assessment throughout the industry and a graduate of University of California, Berkley. In a conversation with SSPI Director of Development and Innovation Lou Zacharilla, he talks about how the space insurance industry is growing and responding to the current times of crisis and change.

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Episode 3: A Conversation with Voyager Space Holdings' Dylan Taylor

Dylan Taylor is a global business leader and noted philanthropist. He is the founder, Chairman and CEO of Voyager Space Holdings, whose aim is to introduce a new investment model to the space community and the thousands of industries necessary to build it - a model that is long-term minded with a capital structure that fills the vastly different needs of the industry. Dylan is a former space industry angel investor who founded Space for Humanity, a non-profit whose mission is to shape the future of space travel and policy.

Dylan has been cited by Harvard, SpaceNews, the BBC, Pitchbook, CNBC, CNN and others as having played a seminal role in the growth of the private space industry. As an early-stage investor, he put his belief and his risk into 50 emerging ventures. In a conversation with SSPI’s Director of Development and Innovation Lou Zacharilla, Dylan talks about thinking big about the future and the risks associated with that mindset.