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Better Satellite World Podcast: I Can't Get No . . . Space Financing

Is the market for commercial space financing ventures and growth overheated? Are you in the early stages of a revolution or are you late to the party for financing? Why aren’t you getting financing? Or why did you? (And can you get more?) Where are we in the cycle of financing for various types of commercial space company ventures? 

While some get financing easily, others struggle. How DO you get financing for space and satellite ventures? What is the reality for financing in this market? Does space financing have a different character?  In this podcast, based on the March 16 edition of the New York Space Business Roundtable, we ask people who provide funding and those seeking it. Hosted by NYSA’s Joseph Fargnoli and SSPI’s Louis Zacharilla, the podcast’s speakers include:

  • Keith Buckley, CEO of Federos (now an Oracle company)
  • Noel Rimalovski, GH Partners LLC




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 March 28, 2022