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Better Satellite World: Astropreneurship

In this podcast series, SSPI Director of Innovation and Development Lou Zacharilla speaks with the winners of the first ever Astropreneurship Awards in 2018.

Episode 1: Will Porteous,General Partner & COO at RRE Ventures and 2018 Astropreneurship Award Recipient

RRE Ventures is a New York-based venture capital firm. They have a reputation as open-minded and thoughtful investors that encompass independent perspectives. During his nearly 20 years in the industry, Will and his team at RRE Ventures have invested in a range of higher risk ventures that cover the entire ecosystem of our industry, including Spire, Spaceflight & Ursa. These have become category defining ventures, which stimulate investment from others and the confidence of entrepreneurs. Since his first investments in space and satellite technology, Will Porteous has become a central figure in the New York space technology sector.

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Episode 2: Luigi Ballarini, CEO and Founder of Ragnarok Industries and 2018 Astropreneurship Award Recipient

Ragnarok Industries is one of the best new businesses in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – which is saying something, as the neighborhood is a hotbed for tech startups. Ragnarok has built a nanosat company, now operational and with a client base, that will deliver polar broadband service via its Hiemdallr satellite. Led by Luigi Ballarini, the young company is already embracing the SSPI spirit. His project is being watched closely by NYSA and the engineering community for its special design electrical propulsion (non-volatile and non-energetic) as it plans propulsion toward lunar orbit. Ragnarok is also working with Thomas Jefferson High School for Science & Technology in Alexandria, VA on a complex full duplex UHF/VHF uplink transceiver to assist the students in learning about the components of a working satellite and multiple communication methods.