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Webinars on Demand

SSPI and its Chapters conduct webinars on leadership, training and finding the talent that powers innovation. Some webinars, such as Leadership in Turbulent Times, are part of longer series, while others are standalone. After completion, these webinars are available to watch below as archives. 

Leadership in Turbulent Times First Conference

The first Leadership in Turbulent Times conference features leaders who have been honored with induction into the Space & Satellite Hall of Fame and the 20 Under 35 program. Exchanging ideas, challenging each other and finding common ground, they deepen our understanding of what it means to lead in a high-pressure, complex technology sector and where the innovations of today will lead the industry in the future.

USIBC Spacecom Policy & the Path Toward Commercial Space

The United States and India have a long and successful tradition of space cooperation, and the future opportunities for expanded collaboration are only bounded by our imagination – from the early 1963 beginnings when India first launched a U.S.-manufactured sounding rocket from Thumba to study the atmosphere to the future of the NASA-ISRO Synthetic Aperture Radar (NISAR) Earth observation mission. This SSPI-India Chapter webinar features lessons learned from U.S. commercial human space flight and geospatial experiences.

With Thanks to Our Corporate Partners

International Women’s Day Panel

In this panel, celebrating International Women’s Day 2021, we explore tips and best practices for networking with our special guest keynote by Elodie Viau, ESA Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications and Tina Ghataore, President of Mynaric USA.

Groundhog Day 2021: What Will the Future Bring?

Will 2021 be a repeat of the last months or will we see an early spring? This one-hour online event featured speakers from three different verticals: government & defense, maritime/shipping and broadcast & media.

High Achievers in Turbulent Times

The real business of the industry is done every day by high achievers who have patiently built knowledge and experience, guided teams through big challenges and turned opportunities into solid growth. In this webinar, we have a frank conversation with two extraordinary examples: Thomas Van den Driessche of ST Engineering iDirect, and Nicole Robinson of SES.

Satellites and Public Health

Satellites have been contributing solutions for public health for decades, from communication and telemedicine to imaging and location services. This webinar features members of the Space & Satellite Hall of Fame and SSPI’s 20 Under 35 cohorts, who share their insiders’ perspective on the difference this industry makes at times like today, when human lives are in peril and good answers are in high demand.

Hire Potential or Hire Experience? How to Balance Short-Term and Long-Term Gains

The satellite industry has a track record of trying to fill its ranks with mostly experienced employees hired from other satellite companies or the industries it serves. What are the relative merits of hiring potential and hiring experience? Are companies equipped to turn high-potential new hires into committed employees?

What Millennials Want in a Career - And What They Really Need

For companies in the satellite industry, millennials can be a particular challenge, because the disciplines involved take years to master and require a commitment to achievement over the long term. What is the right balance between the demands of the business and the demands of the new generations of talented people looking for opportunity?

Hiring Practices of New Space Companies

The ambitious plans and rock star ambience of new companies have caught the imagination of young people and made space and satellite cool again. What can incumbents learn from emerging companies and what can emerging companies learn from the experience of incumbents?

The First 100 Days - Turning New Hires into “Keepers”

The first 100 days in a new job have an outsized ability to set expectations and steer an employee’s future. What experiences should make up that 100 days, and what onboarding practices contribute most to creating a productive, engaged employee in years to come? What should companies expect from their new hires at the end of that period?

Disruptors in the Talent Market

As new and disruptive companies enter the satellite and space business, they are having a big impact on business as usual. How are the new entrants similar to and different from incumbents in their approach to employees? How are they approaching talent acquisition and management? And what does it mean for the industry at large?