Better Satellite World: Stories and Videos

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Mind the Gap

Around the world, dedicated people are using technology to close the gap between the privileged and those struggling for access.

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How Satellites Secure the Border

Borders represent a barrier or a beginning, safety or threat, opportunity realized or opportunity denied.

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What Has a Satellite Done for You Lately?

It's done a lot - because the modern world literally runs on satellite.

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Reporting from the Heart of Disaster

Disasters make news. Through the miracle of moving pictures, we are connected to the lives of people we have never met and may be moved to help them.

The Lives We Save

Satellite technology saves lives. Have you saved a life today?

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Satellites and the Beautiful Game

Satellite delivers the World Cup to eyes all around the planet.

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Satellite Serves a Thirstier World

Climate change has focused new attention on water. Fortunately, there is a global technology ready to help: satellite.

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A Day Without Satellite

What would happen if a solar flare took down the world's satellite network?

From the Arthur C. Clarke Foundation

Satellite Keeps the Lights On

Each flip of the switch is a small miracle, brought to you by satellites circling the earth far out of sight, helping to make life electric.

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How Satellite Brings You a Better Flight

Satellite technology is getting ready to make your next airplane flight a whole lot better.

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The Highway and the Skyway

Behind the faraway voices, the apps and the shows, there is a network.

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Introducing… MINDSAT! It knows what you want. It knows who you want. And it helps you have it all.

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Making More Money via Satellite

Mobile phones make people more prosperous, and satellite makes the connection.

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A Satellite in Your Pocket

The GPS on your phone is really a satellite in your pocket.

From Mashable

Schools Go Online in the Unconnected World

Education brings hope to children in poorer nations and satellite brings them the world.

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Rallying the World to Combat Climate Change

To rally global support to battle climate change, a group of activists formed an NGO called Save Our Selves, with the support of former US Vice President and Nobel Peace Prize recipient Al Gore.

The Connected Car

The “connected car” is poised to make your time behind the wheel safer and more productive.

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How Industry Legends Make a Better World

Hear excerpts that tell stories of achievement not just in business but in service to humanity.

Satellite to the Rescue

Every day, without fanfare, sat phones and other portable satellite technology save lives at sea, in deserts and on mountaintops.

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The Magic of Satellite

By 2030, satellite will transform our lives, fulfilling the dream of the man who first conceived it.

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How Satellites Keep Us Safe at Sea

Satellite saves lives and makes the seas safer.

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Space Agency

Satellite Connections Save Lives

In 2004, when a terrible natural disaster struck, government agencies and NGOs leaped into action to bring food, clean water, medical help, clothing and building materials to the affected region.

Cosmic Hazards

Just how dangerous is your cosmic neighborhood?

From the International Space University

Uniting a Nation Divided by Decades of War

Communications has been the lifeblood of government since the days when news traveled no faster than a horse could ride. 

The Satellite of Things

You've heard of the Internet of Things... but maybe we should call it the Satellite of Things.

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Satellites and the Deep Blue Sea

When a ship is in port, mobile networks often meet the needs of both officers and crew. But once out of sight of land, mobile signals fade and the only way to connect is by satellite.

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The Final Battle to End Polio

In 1988, a meeting of the World Health Assembly set a mind-boggling goal: to eradicate the ancient scourge of polio.

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How Satellites Put a Better Wine in Your Glass

For centuries, vineyard owners and winemaker have done their part, but for wine-lovers everywhere, the unsung hero is nature.

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Taking Medicine to the Ends of the Earth

Health systems around the world turn to satellite to extend the reach of medicine and defeat threats to public health before they become catastrophes.

Building the Broadband Economy

Broadband powers a better life and satellite makes it go farther.

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Filling Up Your Car By Satellite

When you start your car or cook your dinner, satellite is helping you do it.

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Breaking the Chains of Slavery

For most of us, slavery is a horror of the past. It is a current reality, however, in more than 100 coun­tries around the planet.