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Invisible, Indispensable Infrastructure

Our world is supported by infrastructure that no one can see. It keeps computer and communication networks running. It detects hurricanes and wildfires as they form and tracks the carbon driving climate change. It guides ships and aircraft, connects homes and schools, battles disease and uncovers illegal activity.

Unlike other infrastructure, it consumes no concrete or asphalt and needs no heavy steel beams for support. It circles the entire Earth, but your eyes never see it nor do your fingers ever touch it. It is the network of communication and observation satellites orbiting the world, thousands in number and growing fast. Day in and day out, they generate knowledge, share information and experiences and help protect, feed, inform and connect us. Without the invisible, indispensable infrastructure of satellite, life as we know it would be impossible.



Invisible, Indispensable Infrastructure, Episode 5: Building Our Dreams of the Future in Space, One Block at a Time

In the fifth and final episode of Invisible, Indispensable Infrastructure, SSPI’s Lou Zacharilla speaks with Jonathan Baliff, Chief Financial Officer at Redwire Space. Redwire, based in Florida, is a new leader in mission-critical space solutions and high-reliability components for the next generation space economy. On April 24, Redwire received the 2024 Business Award from the Luxembourg-American Chamber of Commerce, becoming the first space and satellite company to receive this honor.

Jonathan Baliff has been a leader in the aerospace, energy and infrastructure sectors for over 25 years as both a public company senior executive and investment and commercial banker. Mr. Baliff has served on the Redwire Board of Directors and as Chair of the Audit Committee since September 2021. Mr. Baliff also serves on the Board of Directors and Audit Committee of Texas Capital Bancshares, Inc (NYSE: TCBI). Most recently, Mr. Baliff was the President of Genesis Park Acquisition Corporation, the special purpose acquisition corporation that merged with Redwire.

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Invisible, Indispensable Infrastructure NOW

Putting a CAP on Climate Change

Learn how nations in the European Union are benefiting from the fusion of multi-orbit, public and private satellite data to meet ambitious goals for reducing GHG emissions from food production.

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Satellites as Infrastructure

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the space and satellite industry. Launches are happening every day from New Zealand to Florida. The ground systems are going virtual. We have software-defined satellite. And all of these changes are coming together to impact the way satellites interact with infrastructure. As an industry, we are now in a place where we are augmenting and sometimes even supplanting terrestrial infrastructure.

At the April 2024 SSPI-WISE meeting, we explored this topic in-depth with a panel of five women experts.


The Better Satellite World campaign shows the world why our industry, though often invisible, is indispensable to modern life, through powerful stories and videos that depict space and satellite technologies contributing to the economy, society and sustainability of planet Earth. Watch the videos below to learn about just a few of the ways satellites support modern life: