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Connecting the Countryside

Connecting the Countryside debuted at the 2022 Space & Satellite Hall of Fame Celebration

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Like magnets attracting steel, cities attract people. In nation after nation, most people live and work in cities and suburbs. Even in Alaska, three out of four people live in cities and their suburbs. But almost all the state’s income is found in the wide open spaces beyond. It is the same story across the African continent. Most wealth comes from mining, oil and gas, as it does from Latin America and the Middle East to Russia and China.

Because most people live in cities and suburbs, broadband and mobile service tend to be good there. But not everyone everywhere has the same opportunities. 

Connecting the Globe from High in the Sky

Long distance and challenging terrain are the enemies of connectivity. When people and companies are separated by many miles or kilometers instead of a few feet or meters, the cost of serving them with wires and cables is punishingly high. And so they live cut off from the services and connections the rest of us depend on. But not if their broadband connection comes to them from the sky.

From high in Earth orbit, no place is too far away to reach. That’s how companies like SES, a content and connectivity satellite provider, can bring the internet to 700,000 people who live in hard-to-reach areas of Colombia, through more than one thousand satellite-connected Wi-Fi zones built by the government. And satellite is not just for developing nations. In Canada, the northern province of Nunavut depends on mining, fossil fuels, arts, crafts and tourism. The businesses and craftspeople depend on satellite to connect them to each other and the rest of the world.

We all need work and play, shelter and safety, education and information. Today, more and more of those needs are being met by the devices in your hand or on your table. And that’s why companies like SES won’t stop until everyone has connectivity they can depend on, from morning till night.

With over 70 satellites in two different orbits, SES’s reach is unlike any other. The company combines a vast, intelligent network of satellite and ground infrastructure with industry-leading expertise to manage and deliver high-performance video and data solutions virtually everywhere on the planet.

For more than 30 years, SES’s success has been built on sustainable innovation as they reliably connect more businesses, communities and government institutions in more places and deliver linear and on-demand video content seamlessly around the clock.

SES has much to offer, but their story is simple. The company helps broadcasters touch more viewers on screen; mobile network operators expand into uncharted markets; peacekeepers receive real-time intelligence; passengers work and play online; and communities thrive in a digital world – in some of the most remote places on the planet.