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Discovering Talent

SSPI focuses on young space enthusiasts in undergraduate and graduate study though partnerships with student-led organizations including the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space in the US, UK and Canada, and the Space Generation Advisory Council with its global network of members and alumni.  Through these partnerships, our outreach connects with thousands of students and young professionals throughout the year. 

Career Education

Students have little exposure to the business of space. SSPI fills that gap with a stream of content on our sponsors, the industry and how space & satellite technology makes a better world.  MORE


SSPI stages research competitions to give students their first exposure to the demands and practices of commercial space and satellite, and help turn individual promise into career potential.  MORE

Scholarships & Resources

SSPI and its chapters fund scholarships, internship stipends and travel reimbursement for deserving students pursuing studies related to space & satellite as well as industry events. SSPI also provides career guidance, free membership, free subscriptions, and event registrations to help students learn more about the industry.


SSPI appoints Mentors from its membership to support the teams in our research competition and offer career guidance one-on-one.  MORE

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