Our Promise2Purpose campaign helps turn individual promise into careers filled with purpose.  Leadership quality is critical to company growth, and most companies don’t have enough high-quality managers to compete in a fast-changing market.  Cultivating leaders depends on attracting the right talent, managing it effectively and recognizing its value.  

Student Programs

We operate career education programs with student organizations in multiple countries. They offer a bridge between university study and future careers in commercial space & satellite, and are supplemented by scholarships and free resources including SSPI membership. We reward program sponsors with hundreds of thousands of gross impressions delivered by email and social media to our global network.  MORE

Leadership Development

We also work to improve the industry’s ability to engage and manage talent, and honor companies for commitment to the people whose talents make innovation happen. That happens through online education on talent management for members and sponsors, and through talent recognition across the industry for young employees, budding entrepreneurs and accomplished veterans. Our sponsors gain from free membership for employees in our global network, improved talent management that generates better business results and repeated brand exposure to members, sponsors and industry contacts.  MORE

Upcoming Events

2018 Scholarship Program still open - Scholarship applications are due by May 15. Learn More

Promise2Purpose Live Interview featuring Viasat's Mark Dankberg - Join us for this free interview at 2pm EST on May 15. Learn More and Register

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