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Are We Winning the War for Talent?

Are We Winning the War for Talent? is SSPI's 2015 international satellite industry workforce study. The report, the first in a series, shares best practices in attracting and managing talented people, and to spark a management dialogue on collective actions to improve the industry's performance.

The report compares compensation across job categories and regions, and analyzes employee engagement at all levels.  It depicts an industry whose workforce remains stable but which faces drastically changing needs for skills and expertise, and which is in the process of replacing an aging workforce. Yet 60% of companies report having no formal internship or work-study programs to attract graduates, and all face the challenge of recruiting into an industry of which students are largely unaware.  Yet it offers a good working environment and attractive pay: 83% of respondents reported that current compensation was the same or higher than the peak of the past four years.

Are We Winning the War for Talent? is a key part of SSPI's mission to attract the next generation of talent to an industry in need of its skills, innovation and enthusiasm.  It is available free to SSPI members who log into the Web site with their user name and password, and on a paid basis to non-members.

Download the executive summary of the report in PDF format for a quick review of its contents.  

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SSPI Members and Sponsors can download the report for free. Click on the report cover below, then log in with your User Name and Password to download your free copy. (You can retrieve your log-in credentials if needed.)

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Purchase the report for US$1,600 using a major credit card by clicking on the report cover below. Or become a Member or Sponsor of SSPI today and receive the report - the first of a series - for free.

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