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Making Leaders Podcast: When Space Veterans Lead New Space Companies, Episode 1 - Kevin Steen, CEO of OneWeb Technologies

In this Making Leaders podcast, we hear from Kevin Steen, CEO of OneWeb Technologies. Kevin joins SSPI’s Robert Bell to discuss his career path and what experiences he brought from his leadership and entrepreneurial background to the new space sector.

Kevin Steen joined OneWeb Technologies as CEO in 2022, after serving as CEO of ST Engineering iDirect for 12 years. Before ST Engineering iDirect, he served in other leadership positions, including as Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions at SAP and as Senior Director of World Wide Business Operations for Aspen Technology. Kevin is an entrepreneur who has co-founded and worked in senior leadership roles at multiple early-stage startups that were later acquired by Fortune 100 companies. He received his MBA from Northeastern University after completing a BSBA at the University of Denver.




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 March 27, 2023