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Professional Membership

SSPI offers Professional Memberships to individuals working in satellite research, construction, launch and operations. Professionals working in satellite communications, including both space segment and ground segment, form the single largest sector of our membership. But SSPI also welcomes people pursuing careers in satellite-based imaging, GPS, space sciences, education and other fields.

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to the members-only directory of the people of the space and satellite  industry for networking  
  • 50% discount on select programs at the International Space University – Learn More
  • Discounts on registration for courses in the online Space Business Qualified training and certification program created by SSPI, GVF and SatProf. 
  • Discounts on registration for conferences and tickets to SSPI social and networking events including the Hall of Fame Reception and the Future Leaders Dinner.
  • Additional networking opportunities through SSPI's LinkedIn and Facebook groups.
  • Participation in local chapters and affiliates, including regular meetings and social events that connect you face-to-face with colleagues.Subscription to unique industry content: videos and podcasts in the Better Satellite World series and Making Leaders series.
  • The right to nominate individuals and companies for the Satellite Hall of Fame, Promise & Mentor Awards and the Better Satellite World Awards.

About SSPI

You are joining a member society of 3,800 professionals in 40+ countries, with a network of local chapters in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. Originating in the 1980s, SSPI has been proud to welcome to its membership leaders including:

  • James Van Allen, for whom the "Van Allen Belt" is named
  • Sir Arthur C. Clarke, author and the first person to suggest the concept of geostationary satellites
  • Eddy Hartenstein, co-founder and long-time CEO of DIRECTV
  • Peter Marshall, former CEO, Keystone Communications
  • John Puente, former Chairman & CEO of Orion Satellite Corporation and one of the developers of the demand assignment system
  • U.R. Rao, founder of India's space and satelite program and the Indian Space Research Organization
  • Guiliano Berretta, former CEO of Eutelsat
  • Robert Briskman, co-founder of Sirius Satellite Radio
  • Masnori Akiyama, former CEO, Sky Perfect JSAT Corporation
  • Mark Dankberg, co-founder and CEO of ViaSat and its Exede satellite broadband service
  • Robert Zitter, former Chief Technology Officer of HBO

Why has Rich Wolf, former Vice President of Telecommunications & Distribution for ABC, been an SSPI Board member, 
president and chairman?  Find out! 


Member Search

SSPI members can log in and search our directory of nearly 4,000 satellite professionals around the world.