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Making Leaders Interview: Steve Spengler, Former CEO of Intelsat and 2022 Hall of Fame Inductee

In this Making Leaders interview, we hear from Steve Spengler, Former CEO of Intelsat and one of six inductees to the Space & Satellite Hall of Fame in 2022. Steve Spengler’s career includes nearly four decades in the space and satellite industry. He has dedicated himself to providing critical communications services to places in the world and people on the move, that other telecommunications technologies cannot reach.

He joined Intelsat in 2003 and has served in a variety of roles, including sales, marketing, strategy and business development. Before becoming CEO in 2015, Steve held the position of chief commercial officer and president. Throughout his time at Intelsat, he has generated new business and forged strategic relationships across the globe in both developed and developing markets.

As CEO, Steve has played a key role in the development of Intelsat’s next generation of managed service solutions for an array of network applications. He has been a strong advocate for satellite to forge stronger technological, network and commercial collaboration with the broader TMT sector. Under his leadership and with an initial $2 billion investment, Intelsat is building the world’s first, truly global unified 5G network. The network will be open architecture, multi-orbit and multi-band, complete with software-defined orchestration of space- and ground- assets, faster-to-deploy software defined satellites, and a 5G mobile core. Connectivity for all – including remote areas of the world that cannot obtain adequate coverage under current means – offers the potential for everyone to be a part of the world economy and improve their quality of life. Learn more about Steve.

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