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Our “Making Leaders” series of webinars and reports offer guidance on managing people, from recruiting and engaging new hires to managing talent for results.

Leadership quality has a huge impact on company performance and companies never have enough high-quality leaders.  “Making Leaders” focuses on identifying workforce issues specific to the industry and providing best practice, drawn from industry leaders, that any company can use to improve its leadership pipeline. 

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‘Making Leaders’ Reports (Members Only)

How to Recruit College and University Students

One of the innovation leaders in the industry, SpaceX, now does most of its hiring from colleges and universities. In contrast, most companies in the industry prefer to hire from a pool of experienced candidates typically poached from competing firms, according to SSPI’s 2016 workforce study Launch Failure. As the sector races into uncharted territory, its success will depend on turning the raw promise of new graduates into a never-ending stream of innovations. MORE


Bringing New Hires on Board: From Promise to Purpose

Bringing on new employees is a moment filled with promise.  They could rise into business or technical management, create new technologies and markets, and trigger years of strong growth.  Or they could underperform, grow dissatisfied and be gone in a year or two, taking their knowledge and skills to another employer.  MORE


Launch Failure: Can We Attract and Retain the Talent That Powers Innovation?

Today’s industry relies heavily on a cadre of experienced workers in the 45-54 age range, who make up 42% of employees.  At the same time, a shocking 67% of employees with between 1 and 5 years on the job voluntarily leave their companies. Is it high attrition among younger employees that leads companies to rely on veterans, or does the reliance on veterans close off career paths for the next generation? Whatever the answer, one thing is clear: a successful tech industry should be sending fewer of its newest employees out the door, and rely less on those who will be heading off to retirement within the next 20 years.  DOWNLOAD

Are We Winning the War for Talent?

The report compares compensation across job categories and regions, and analyzes employee engagement at all levels.  It depicts an industry whose workforce remains stable but which faces drastically changing needs for skills and expertise, and which is in the process of replacing an aging workforce. Yet 60% of companies report having no formal internship or work-study programs to attract graduates, and all face the challenge of recruiting into an industry of which students are largely unaware.   DOWNLOAD

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