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Recognizing Leaders

Identifying present and future leaders as models for the industry to follow is a major part of SSPI's mission to connect and improve the satellite industry. These leaders have dedicated their time, resources, and expertise to making the satellite industry what it is today, while sharing lessons from their achievements with members to build future leaders.

Satellite Hall of Fame

Each year the SSPI Hall of Fame recognizes the invaluable contributions of the visionaries who have transformed life on planet Earth for the better through satellite technology. Members of the Hall of Fame are recognized pioneers in communications, satellite-related aerospace, scientific research, or the development and delivery of applications for business, institutions and government via satellite. MORE

Promise and Mentor Awards

Every year SSPI presents three young satellite professionals with its Promise Award in recognition of their potential to play a leadership role in the industry. SSPI also presents a Mentor Award to an executive who is recognized for fostering young talent, both within his or her own organization and throughout the industry, and also for volunteering time and energy in support of the industry. MORE

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