SSPI introduces a continuing series of one-day conferences that share the insights of veteran and emerging leaders in the space and satellite sector on how to lead organizations through disruptive innovation. Speakers and panelists are drawn from the Space & Satellite Hall of Fame and SSPI’s 20 Under 35 honorees. Exchanging ideas, challenging each other and finding common ground, they deepen our understanding of what it means to lead in a high-pressure, complex technology sector and where the innovations of today may lead in the future. In 2021, the series will be online, followed by live events beginning in 2022.

Topics include:

  • How to Lead Where There is No Path
    Members of the Hall of Fame and 20 Under 35 answer questions about leading people, projects and companies through the first global pandemic of the space and satellite age, and the long recovery from it.
  • Who Keeps the First Trillion Dollars in the Space Economy?
    It wasn’t the miners of the California Gold Rush who made the money – it was the people who supplied them. As a wave of technology advance drastically accelerates the industry’s growth, we ask Hall of Famers and 20 Under 35 where the biggest opportunities, the biggest risks and the biggest innovations will be.
  • Leadership Jam
    We pair off members of the Hall of Fame and 20 Under 35 to ask each other one question about today’s industry, tomorrow’s opportunities, or why they have made this industry their professional home.
  • Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way?
    Are those the only choices? A strong, self-assured leader surrounded by loyal followers, and everyone else can head for the door? Members of the Hall of Fame and 20 Under 35 share their views on styles of leadership and the art of getting the best from people.

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22 Mar 2021
11:00am - 1:30pm EDT

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