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The New York Space Business Roundtable contributes to SSPI's ongoing, multi-platform series "Climate Sense" by inquiring if there is a meaningful business case for sustainable technologies in space and satellite.

How are satellites boosting sustainable technologies and what is the level of growth and investment in those enterprises? Over the past several years companies have raised billions of dollars in venture capital or private equity to fund businesses that will enable some aspect of Climate Change to be addressed.  The market that has been discussed for over 10 years seems to flying along with satellites, the first line of defense against a warming planet. In this month’s New York Business Roundtable we look at a company, a technology and the investors who daily consider whether these models make “climate sense.”

Speakers include:

  • Paul Gloyer, President, Gloyer-Taylor Labs LLC
  • Douglas Helmuth, Remote Sensing Scientist and Former Principal Investigator, Lockheed Martin SSC
  • Sanjay J. Wagle, Managing Director, The Lightsmith Group
  • Joseph D. Fargnoli, President, New York Space Alliance (Host)
  • Louis Zacharilla, Director of Innovation, SSPI (Host)


19 Jan 2022
12:00pm - 1:30pm EST

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