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Zackary Downey

Data Scientist, Ursa Space Systems Inc.

Zackary began his career working in data visualization and applied economics. After graduating with a double bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Economics from Boston College, he joined Ursa as a Data Scientist and Product Developer in 2016. During his time at Ursa, Zackary developed and has helped market the world’s first commercial data subscription product based on radar satellite data. His product—a powerful but easy-to-use weekly report on the world’s oil storage based on commercial satellite radar imaging data—is sold to leading commodity traders, banks and hedge funds. While creating Ursa’s oil storage reports, Zackary has led a multi-disciplinary team in product development and production, including image analysis and supply-chain management. He also developed and published multiple studies that link Ursa’s satellite data to key financial market activity and led customer technical discussions that resulted in key sales for Ursa.

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