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Truly Connected World

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We have just scratched the surface of connectivity. We’ve caught just a glimpse of the potential of a truly connected world.

On the surface, our global network may look like a digital superhighway – but under the hood, it’s a patchwork of new, old and very old technology. And security? It’s always been a concern. Now, it’s front-page news.

Growing Closer Year by Year

Yet every year, through relentless innovation, we’re moving closer to a world completely connected by wires and cables, optical fibers and radio waves.

Many of those radio waves make their way through space. Satellites let us reach vast regions where technology on the ground is missing or costs too much. Today, their services are converging with ground networks as never before. The vision of a truly connected world is becoming a reality.

But one thing is still missing: trust. Without trust, no connection can deliver its full value. Users need to trust that their vital information is secure – and that networks can handle the explosion of services running on them, because they have become essential to both life and livelihood.

Isotropic Builds Trust in Networks

That’s why companies like Isotropic Networks create solutions that deliver trust. One is called Pendragon. Using artificial intelligence, it combines different ground and space connections into unified networks, expanding coverage, eliminating failures and providing high-speed performance. It monitors every user and device on a network, automatically detecting threats and taking action to stop them.

Solutions like these make it possible to bring internet access to an Indonesian village to automate a massive mine for the rare minerals that power our digital future to give a ship or plane the same connectivity you enjoy at home. All of it provided by satellite operators in the sky and communication companies on the ground working together. All of it transforming for the better how we live, work, learn, play, grow food, cure disease and keep the peace.

And that is the promise of a truly connected world.

For 30 years, Isotropic Networks’ approach to satellite communications has been driven by an entrepreneurial mindset.

Isotropic embraces critical questioning and exploration and relentlessly pursues constant improvement. They develop the products and services that have pushed the satellite industry forward since the earliest days of the internet.

Isotropic has uniquely built quadruple redundancy into their internet access. They are leveraging satellite, terrestrial and wireless technologies as they expand their vision of a connected planet through converged networks. And if the solutions to your challenges don’t exist, Isotropic will create them. They take on the communications challenges other companies can’t or won’t.

If you look to the bleeding edge of innovation in satellite communications, you’ll see Isotropic Networks going beyond. They are pushing the boundaries of connectivity and working to bring you the next evolution of advanced solutions.