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SSPI-WISE - Women in Space Engagement


Membership Offer

SSPI-WISE thanks Hughes for supporting their work by enabling complimentary membership for women who serve on SSPI-WISE working groups.  Through the month of December, women who would be interested in joining SSPI and serving on a WISE Working group can complete this application and return it to Tamara Bond-Williams.

This Month’s Meeting Open to ALL!

The next SSPI-WISE meeting is on December 15, 2022, @ 11:00 AM EST NOTE: The registration link is for all meetings July through December 2022. Watch this space for information about each meeting. Beginning in September, every other SSPI-WISE monthly meeting will be open to all and feature one or more guest speakers. This month’s meeting is a closed one and celebrates our second anniversary! Join us to hear how the working groups have fared in a year, what's upcoming and to congratulate us and yourselves on one more outstanding year of Women In Space Engagement.
11 AM EST | 8 AM PST | 4 PM BST & WAT | 5 PM CEST | 7 PM GST | 8:30 PM IST | 12 AM +1 JST

SSPI-WISE is a group that welcomes all women members from the space & satellite industry. We meet once per month, usually on Zoom, to discuss goals, plan new events and, of course, have fun!

SSPI-WISE in the news! Thanks to Elisabeth Tweedie, SSPI-WISE’s story is being told! Check out her blog for Satellite Markets & Research here: Women in Space Engagement | Satellite Markets & Research


Missed the November Meeting?

The November 2022 meeting of SSPI-WISE featured a panel session including women from a variety of careers in the launch side of space and satellite titled: “Women in Launch!” Watch the session on demand below!


Missed the September Meeting?

The September 2022 meeting of SSPI-WISE featured a presentation by Lori Garver, former Deputy Administrator of NASA, and author of “Escaping Gravity: My Quest to Transform NASA and Launch a New Space Age.” Watch the presentation on demand below!


Missed the July Meeting?

The July 2022 meeting of SSPI-WISE featured a presentation on The Art of Negotiation by Transition Coach Julie Kramer. Watch the presentation on demand below!


Missed the April Meeting?

At the April 2022 meeting of SSPI-WISE, the Mentoring Working Group invited the women of space and satellite to a special presentation by Mary Frost, CEO at Power to Change Us and a member of the Space & Satellite Hall of Fame (inducted in 2009) on “Effective Presentation Skills.” Watch the presentation on demand below!

Our Name

On December 16, 2020, women from throughout our industry gathered at the kickoff cocktail hour for a new Space & Satellite Women’s group within SSPI. The initial discussion centered around the question of a name. We had a number of suggestions, such as “Women’s Space Odyssey,” “Space & Satellite Women” and “Women in Space.” This last one led naturally to “WISE” which stands for “Women in Space Engagement.” #SSPI-WISE.

Our Goals

  • Engaging women in the space and satellite industry through STEM outreach, structured mentor programs and partnerships with other women’s groups
  • Elevating the profile of women in the industry by encouraging balance on conference panels, recognizing companies that actively promote women, profiling women through social and other media and encouraging nomination of women for awards, including the Hall of Fame, 20 Under 35 and Mentor of the Year SSPI awards
  • Networking and social media campaigns to spread the word about SSPI-WISE and make sure all women in the industry, from young professionals to women in the midst of long careers have a chance to participate and contribute

Working Groups

SSPI-WISE now has online working groups set up for each of our main goals to let members connect and make progress on projects. Each working group is accessible to any woman member of SSPI:

  • STEM Outreach: Aiming to engage more women in the space & satellite industry through coordinated STEM outreach and partnerships with other groups
  • Social Media: Working to spread the word about SSPI-WISE and make sure all women in the industry have a chance to participate and contribute
  • Elevating Women: Encouraging balance on conference panels, recognizing companies that actively promote women, profiling women through social and other media and encouraging nomination of women for awards, including the Hall of Fame, 20 Under 35 and Mentor of the Year SSPI awards
  • Networking: Engaging women from throughout the industry through social media and live and online events
  • Mentorship: Working to develop structured mentorship programs to assist women attempting to enter and thrive in the industry

*Working Groups are open to women members of SSPI only. For the inaugural year, any woman who wishes to serve on SSPI-WISE Working Groups may email Tamara Bond-Williams for complimentary membership and working group assignment.

Recent Events and News

Celebrating a Year of SSPI-WISE Mentorship

Beginning in July 2021, SSPI’s Women in Space Engagement (WISE) group initiated a Mentorship Program to enable women starting out, or at a crossroads in their careers, to take advantage of the experiences of pioneering women already established in the exciting but historically male-dominated satellite and space industry. In celebration of this anniversary, SSPI-WISE is opening the program for a new cohort of mentors and mentees. Learn More



SSPI-WISE is pleased to announce the new SSPI-WISE Blog! The blog will be a timely and informative space to learn about industry happenings, and to explore a range of topics, especially as relates to women in industry. Check out the newest post – Tackling the Industry’s Biggest Challenge – now!


Mentorship Kickoff and Panel Session

On July 8, SSPI-WISE members gathered for an expert panel session and the group’s mentorship kickoff!


International Women’s Day Celebration 2021

On March 8, SSPI-WISE members gathered to celebrate International Women’s Day! We held our first open meeting hosted by the Networking and Swag working group. At the Celebration, we explored tips and best practices for networking with our special guest keynote by Elodie Viau, ESA Director of Telecommunications and Integrated Applications and Tina Ghataore, President of Mynaric USA. Watch the archive above!

Better Satellite World Podcast: Risk, Season 2 – The Risk of Being a Woman

On International Women’s Day 2021, SSPI was pleased to present the third episode of the popular Risk podcast series, featuring a roundtable conversation moderated by SSPI President Nicole Robinson, President of URSA Space Systems. Guests include KISPE Space’s Anita Bernie, The Boeing Company’s Jomya Lei and Isotropic Networks’ Melissa Orlick. These four women of space & satellite talk about the risks inherent in simply being a woman trying to grow and make a difference in the industry. Listen to the podcast below or on our News page at:

Our Leadership 2022-23

Chair: Debra Facktor, AIRBUS U.S. Space and Defense, Inc.

Vice Chair: Jomya Lei, ViaSat

Recording Secretary: Alix Wright, Speedcast

Working Group Chairs:

  • Elevating Women: Negar Ferar, Momentus,  Kaitlyn O’Hara, EchoStar and Susan Saadat, EtL Systems
  • Mentoring: Silvia Borges, SpaceBridge Inc., Andrea Maleter, Wendy Newman,  SpaceLink
  • Networking & Swag:  
    Toni Lee Rudnicki, TLR Consulting LLC, Saharnaz Safari, SpaceRyde, Manal Tadros, Boeing
    Chair Emeritus: Kerstin Roost, ST Engineering iDirect
  • Social Media: Vinitha Lalvani, AvL Technologies, Rosario Toxqui, Comtech Satellite Network Technologies Corp. and Elisabeth Tweedie, Definitive Direction
  • STEM Outreach: Justyna Kosianka, Ursa Space Systems, Natalia Larrea Brito, Euroconsult and Audrey Puderbaugh, Iridium
  • Sustainment & Infrastructure: Jennifer Hoil, ST Engineering iDirect, Melissa Orlick, Intellian Technologies