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SATMED Satellite-based Telemedicine Platform delivered via SES satellites

SATMED is an award-winning Luxembourg Government’s e-health satellite-based platform that combines medical care, education and health management in one platform that can be accessed from anywhere. It provides doctors with the ability to keep accurate medical records, consult with colleagues and allows better education for health professionals even in the remotest areas, where there is lack of terrestrial infrastructure. SATMED integrates health applications, connectivity andcloud services for securely storing and sharing data, enabling healthcare professionals and institutions around the world to communicate and collaborate easily and effectively. The web-based platform is accessed with a single sign-on and offers teleconsultation, teleradiology, health information systems, e-learning, electronic medical record systems and much more. Users in remote and under-served areas can access high-quality satellite broadband connectivity provided via SES’s satellites and connect to the SATMED platform. Thanks to SATMED, quality healthcare is possible regardless of the location or circumstances. For its accomplishments, the platform was recognised with a VSAT “Changing Lives” Stellar Award in 2016.

For many years, SATMED has been used to help multiple non-government organizations (NGOs) provide improved healthcare solutions around the world, and became particularly vital during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Friendship NGO currently serves two floating hospitals off the remote islands of northern Bangladesh and one terrestrial hospital in southern Bangladesh, sending patient data via SATMED to the National Healthcare database to allow for quicker identification of medical issues and resolutions. The Serabu Hospital in Sierra Leone, supported by the German Doctors NGO, also makes use of SATMED to provide care for its thousands of patients in a location so remote that it is two hours away from the nearest administrative center and the only complex in the area with electricity. SATMED allows the remote hospital to access real-time situational assessment and data exchange with other hospitals, facilitates the X-ray data processing by the doctors in Germany, helps with running daily operations and management of critical supplies and logistics.


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