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Sajit Jumani

Vice President, Business Development and Finance, GEOshare

Sajit began his career in the Lockheed Martin Operations Leadership Development Program after completing a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech. In Lockheed Martin’s program, he completed rotations in manufacturing, sustainment, quality, sourcing and international business development, honing a wide variety of skills. After graduating from the program, Sajit completed his MBA at UNC Chapel Hill and led the development of international strategy for Lockheed Martin Space before joining GEOshare as a Manager. He rose to a position of Director and then Vice President of Business Development and Finance in only three years of working at GEOshare, taking on responsibility for eighteen major customers. Sajit’s professional responsibilities include managing customer relationships, collaborating directly with customers on the development of their requirements, and providing financial options that suit the customers’ individual business needs.

After his success in Lockheed Martin’s Operations Leadership Development Program, he is now enrolled in the Executive Development and Growth Enhancement program at Lockheed Martin Space. Sajit has developed proprietary financial models that inform pricing throughout his career, including for GEOshare and other Lockheed Martin Space businesses. He is currently responsible for developing the pricing model for the NEOshare mission for the MILO Space Science Institute, a collaboration with Arizona State University. Sajit is also leading a connectivity project to help connect the underserved in many countries in addition to his other responsibilities. Outside of work, he volunteered over 200 hours in 2018 to host a Lockheed Martin Autonomy Hackathon, including a five-part lecture series from Lockheed Martin Technical Experts on machine learning, robotics and autonomy, and a competition of autonomous capture the flag using Sphero robots.

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