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Andrew Werth

Mr. Werth is the former President of Hughes Network Systems International, where he was responsible for all international operations, including sales, joint ventures, and overseas activities. Mr. Werth established Hughes Network System’s presence in 17 countries and oversaw the company’s growth from its founding as Digital Communications Corporation in 1971, to sales of over $1.4 billion in 1999. He co-founded Digital Communications Corporation with a team from COMSAT Laboratories and was responsible for systems engineering, marketing and sales until 1978, when DCC merged with Microwave Associates to form M/A-COM, Inc. He served as Director of Marketing, and then head of International Operations, for M/A-COM’s telecommunications division until M/A-COM was acquired by Hughes Network Systems and became Hughes Network Systems International in 1987. He established his technical and international credentials at COMSAT Corporation, where, as one of the very early employees in 1964, he was a significant contributor to the successful deployment of INTELSAT’s satellite network, participating in the construction, testing and launch of Early Bird and its successor satellites. Subsequently, at COMSAT Laboratories, Mr. Werth developed key digital satellite communications technology and was awarded numerous patents in the field. He began his digital satellite communications career at ITT Laboratories. Previously, he served as a communications officer in the U.S. Air Force and was discharged with the rank of Captain. Mr. Werth completed extensive post graduate studies at the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn and he is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

UPDATE: On January 28, 2009, we lost Andrew Werth. An obituary for Mr. Werth was published in the Washington Post.

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