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Dick Tauber

Vice President Transmission Systems & New Technology for the CNN News Group

It would be hard to find somebody in the broadcast or satellite business who has never heard of Dick Tauber. During a long and distinguished career, Dick Tauber has mentored and inspired many with his immense knowledge, integrity and excitement for the business, from such up-and-coming talent as CNN's Arnie Christianson (2007 Promise Award winner) to established broadcast and satellite executives. In recent years, Dick made his mark during the Gulf War with innovative solutions for news coverage from Baghdad and has since played a significant role in the development of CNN's field digital newsgathering advancements. In a lifetime of accomplishments, his first concern has typically been to make sure the contributions of others are acknowledged and honored. Dick's dedication to the industry is exemplified by his long-time chairmanship of the WBU-ISOG group that works to communicate to the satellite industry the most important requirements of broadcasters and to collaboratively introduce new procedures and methods to improve outcomes.

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