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Dom Stasi

Chief Technology Officer emeritus, Avail-TVN

Some people are born educators.  Dom Stasi seems to be one of those amazing few with the knack to inspire.  Dom started his career with the Apollo Lunar Module program at Grumman Aerospace.  His entire career has been dedicated to the space and satellite industry, both as an engineer and as a teacher.  Dom’s natural inquisitiveness and tenacity have led to numerous advances in the industry and given rise to solutions that have inspired others.  His unique combination of experience and technical know-how caught the attention of fledgling cable TV programmer HBO and he was chosen over some 200 candidates to become the technical face of HBO leading numerous seminars as the programmer’s satellite ground segment grew from a single 10 meter earth station to the world’s largest satellite video network.  He wrote the textbooks The Long Distance Signal and Satellite Video Assessment, both still in use at headends to this day.  Dom’s ability to make the complex technical aspects of satellite communications understandable, led him to expand his courses beyond engineers to lawyers, accountants, managers, and other non-technical professionals across the industry.  Today, Dom continues to teach young professionals as part of the Mavericks program at the Cable Television Center at the University of Denver.  His most recent lecture is now available as part of the Center’s curriculum and carried on the Cable Center’s website. 

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