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Clayton Mowry

President, Arianespace, Inc.

Making mentorship a priority in successful leadership

In a career bridging government, the nonprofit sector and the launch business, Clay Mowry has developed a reputation as a trusted and capable leader as well as an approachable and supportive mentor for the next generation. In previous positions and his current one as President of Arianespace, Inc., Clay has made it a personal priority to hire and mentor interns from a wide variety of backgrounds. His participation in their careers has not ended with their internships, and many executives working today in the industry cite his personal attention, advice and willingness to make introductions as contributors to their own success. Clay also goes out of his way to mentor young professionals in the industry who have no affiliation with Arianespace through one-on-one informal mentorship and through active participation and leadership in such organizations as SSPI, SIA, the Space Generation Advisory Council, the Washington Space Business Roundtable and the Future Space Leaders Foundation, which he founded. In balancing career success with a commitment to nurture new talent, Clay has set an example for the entire industry to follow.

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