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Joanna Estrada Schutz

Corporate Culture and Customer Experience Senior Manager, Elara Comunicaciones

Joanna began her career in the industry when she joined Elara Comunicaciones in 2011, and since then she has become an active business leader in the Mexican satellite industry with contributions that reflect her leadership in this sector. At Elara, Joanna built the Corporate Culture and Customer Experience department from the ground up, including the corporate communications, customer experience, marketing and PR and organizational development teams and also completed her MBA at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México. Her strong and confident presence in managing Elara’s image and brand is reflected in a market-leading strategy which separates Elara from a crowded and competitive market. Joanna is a driving force of innovation and creative thinking inside her company; she continuously advocates for team working and also demonstrates leadership and collaboration amongst her coworkers. She has been a key player for continuously promoting Elara’s culture and reinforcing its vision and values. Joanna also developed a system for documentation, programming and follow-up of field services, allowing the company to manage one of its largest projects efficiently and spurring massive growth for Elara over the next seven years.

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