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James Farrell

Associate Technical Fellow, Boeing Space and Launch

James is an expert on high power radio frequency (RF) effects for high altitude and space applications. These effects include multipactor, ionization breakdown, passive intermodulation and thermal power handling, and all of them present critical risks to space platforms. James is frequently called on by program managers, chief engineers and mission assistance leaders to consult on high power RF topics. In his role as an Associate Technical Fellow, James works in the antenna and passive microwave department, where he provides technical leadership on programs for commercial/government satellites, manned spaceflight and launch vehicles. Since joining Boeing, he has supported dozens of space programs, solved numerous anomalies, performed difficult tests, managed complex technical designs and developments and set many programs on the right course in design reviews.

James served as a key leader in developing industry standards for high power RF breakdown prevention by helping to develop American standards for multipactor and corona prevention that could be used as requirements for customer and supplier contracts. He was the lead test author for the multipactor standard and lead editor for the corona standard. These standards, representing the knowledge of all American space prime contractors and government entities, were released by the Aerospace Corporation, leading to lower technical risks and predictable costs throughout the industry. He also received a US patent for a high-power-handling RF connector, which led to a contract award from NASA to qualify the design for spaceflight and development of flight hardware.

Additionally, James acts as a mentor for local high school summer interns and for new hires at the company, teaching them about working at Boeing and a variety of technical topics.

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