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Harriet Brettle

Head of Business Analysis, Astroscale

Harriet joined Astroscale after gaining experience in a variety of fields, including planetary science research, finance experience at the Federal Reserve in New York, and public outreach with the Planetary Society in London. In her current role as Head of Business Analysis at Astroscale, she works to develop commercial solutions to the threat of space debris. Harriet leads a small team at Astroscale to define, model, and analyze the business case for future commercial and institutional debris removal services, a core component of the company’s mission to support space safety and long-term space sustainability. She collaborates extensively with engineering, policy, and other divisions to develop interdisciplinary consensus for Astroscale’s future strategy. She has also proactively pursued strategic projects with external organizations to strengthen the company’s business case. These initiatives include an investigation of potential collision risk for satellite operators with the University of Southampton, as well as a collaboration with the University of Northumbria to understand end-of-life practices in other industries that could be applied to the satellite sector. Outside work, she is currently co-chair of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), serves on the Board of Directors of the Just Space Alliance, and is the co-founder of the London Space Network.

For her work throughout the space industry, Harriet has received a number of accolades, including the SGAC Pioneer Award in 2020 for her exceptional efforts in supporting students and young professionals in the space industry. Harriet was team lead for the IAF’s International Programme/Project Management Committee’s Young Professionals Workshop on the topic of Earned Value Management in Project Management of Large Space Projects in 2019. She was selected to speak at the Space Generation Entrepreneurs Forum in 2018, where she discussed opportunities for collaboration between commercial space and academia. She serves as a mentor for students and young professionals and regularly speaks at events, on podcasts, and in interviews to bring the value of space to a wider audience. Harriet has a master’s degree in Planetary Science from the California Institute of Technology, a post graduate certificate in Astrophysics from Queen Mary, University of London, and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Warwick.

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