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STS Global

About STS Global

STS Global is a dynamic satellite communications + telecommunications company where great engineering minds and outstanding experience intersect. We design & integrate complex satellite network to support military, broadcast and other wireless telecommunication applications. Whether the objective is to broadcast a live event, create systems that provide services to remote locations, transmit critical data to a battlefield, support a new media broadcast center, or provide secure networks for large corporations, our complete range of solutions are dependably a step ahead.  By adding sophisticated Satcom to today’s widely developed terrestrial technologies, we creates unique systems that can provide reliable services anywhere on earth.  Customers will appreciate the Cost/Value approach, 24/7 dependability, training and support to achieve peak performance.

Satellite communications, Broadcast networks, Systems design & integration, Cellular networks, and satellite earth station

  • Cewit Bldg #231
  • Stony Brook, NY, 11794