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"Climate Sense" 2021 20 Under 35 Cohort Service project

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How is the space and satellite industry addressing climate change?

Global warming and the impacts of climate change are the most dangerous challenges to our collective future as a species.  Groups as diverse as national military colleges, space agencies, urban planners and NGOs concerned with refugees and the stability of public health have echoed similar concerns and are actively working on solutions. 

No industry is better suited to boost the goal of reversing climate change in the near-term than the satellite industry.  From the perch of space, earth observation and related satellite capabilities have started to map coastline erosion, farmland changes and methane emissions.  The data and services from orbit enable businesses and governments to make real reversals possible through the use of real data.

Through its “Better Satellite World” campaign, SSPI is telling the story of the industry’s many companies that have entered this area of opportunity and whose businesses are making an impact right now! 

The 20 Under 35 2020 Cohort will contribute financially to the series, and will also record a teaser video, each of them reflecting on the meaning of the idea of "space for all."

Funded: $300.00
Goal: $2,000.00