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When the war in Ukraine began and the immediate resulting refugee crisis occurred, Viasat partnered with the regional government of Košice, Slovakia to provide free high-speed internet access to Ukrainian refugee sites across Eastern Slovakia. Viasat utilized its satellite-enabled Community Wi-Fi system to connect the areas most in need of connectivity. Once these areas of need were identified by the Košice regional government, Viasat’s Community Wi-Fi systems were installed in a matter of days to provide critical connectivity available to thousands of refugees.

Viasat focuses on unlocking the opportunities provided by internet connectivity for everyone, wherever they are, through its network. During the COVID-19 pandemic, internet played a crucial role in enabling people and businesses to continue daily tasks and operations. Viasat provided a reliable connection to enable many functions including staying in touch with loved ones, working-from-home, selling products, managing projects, processing payments and more. Satellite connectivity provided seamless access when businesses needed it most, particularly when their ground-based primary connections suffered outages due to strain. Viasat provides a full spectrum of home, business, enterprise, and mobility services offering high-speed internet connections virtually anywhere, enabling people across a variety of landscapes to connect with the people and services they need, whenever and wherever they need them.


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