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John Finney

Founder and CEO, ALL.SPACE

John Finney stands out as a visionary entrepreneur, with over two decades of trailblazing contributions to the tech industry and a knack for turning new ventures into successful enterprises. Throughout his 25-year career trajectory, he has been instrumental in pioneering initiatives that generated billions in new revenue streams.

His professional journey began with a distinguished stint in the armed forces, providing specialized communication services to military, special forces, and intelligence communities. This service laid the groundwork for a seamless transition to the civilian telecom sector, where he served as a Telecommunications Advisor for One2One & T-Mobile. His entrepreneurial spirit then steered him to inaugurate Huawei's campaign in Europe from scratch, rapidly achieving the company’s first billion in annual revenue. His strategic insights won major contracts, such as the BT 21st Century Network and a vital mobile network partnership with Vodafone across Europe. Additionally, he secured Huawei’s first global mobile device contract, establishing the tech giant's presence in the device market.

His professional ascent continued with key leadership roles at Alcatel-Lucent and Ciena, culminating in his involvement with the satellite industry. As a founding member and Chief Commercial Officer at O3B Networks, John played a pivotal role in amassing a $350 million firm pre-launch backlog, ultimately leading to SES's acquisition and the generation of significant shareholder returns.

Inspired to confront the industry’s limitations head-on, John established Isotropic Systems (now ALL SPACE) in 2013. The company embarked on creating a groundbreaking software-defined, electronically steerable antenna system, capable of engaging with various satellite beams across multiple orbits. Under his leadership, ALL.SPACE has pioneered a trailblazing technology solution that redefines connectivity allowing simultaneous connectivity to all orbits leveraging the full capabilities our industry has to offer from the ground up.

ALL.SPACE has made significant strides, completing various demonstrations, field acceptance tests and securing pre-production orders from numerous defense applications. John’s foresight and commitment to innovation have spurred the evolution from a sole dependence on GEO satellites to an advanced multi-orbit framework. Recognizing an unmet need in ground segment technology, John has directed ALL.SPACE to create a solution that surpasses traditional limitations in flexibility, utility, and user engagement, broadening the horizons for satellite applications worldwide.


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