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Mary Ann Elliott

Chairman and CEO, Arrowhead Global Solutions

Mary Ann Elliott has played a key role in the satellite communications industry, particularly in designing and implementing satellite solutions for the US government, which has become the industry’s fastest growing customer. She first entered the communications industry through positions with Motorola's wireless terrestrial business and then moved into satellite navigation and communications through management positions with COMSAT, Contel ASC, Talon Technology and Navidyne.

In 1991, Ms. Elliott founded Arrowhead Global Solutions as its sole employee. Under her leadership, the company has grown from $64,000 in revenues in its first year to almost $100 million in 2005. With employees in 13 states and two international locations, Arrowhead provides end-to-end telecommunications solutions to the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, the US intelligence community, and other Federal government organizations.

Throughout her career, Ms. Elliott has been an articulate spokesperson for the satellite industry, tirelessly pursuing cooperation and understanding between Federal officials and the commercial sector. She has been a successful lobbyist for telecommunications and navigation concerns of the oil and gas industry, and a delegate to the National Ocean Industry Association's Telecommunication Policy Committee and the Radio Technical Committee for Maritime Services' navigation and communication subcommittees. Whatever the issue, she has been respected as a “straight-shooter” who seeks cost-effective, mutually beneficial solutions to problems. Her customers, colleagues and employees have long recognized that, when she makes a commitment, she can be counted on to deliver.

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