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Established originally as an international treaty organization (nonprofit) with a singular mission to create a global network providing emergency communications for ships at sea, Inmarsat enabled significant growth in seaborne trade and facilitated operator and worker safety in the offshore energy industry. The organization has grown and its aeronautical data service is the world's only source of reliable information of its kind.  When Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 disappeared over the ocean, Inmarsat provided investigators and news outlets the most reliable source of information.
Through a range of small terminals, Inmarsat has also become the communications option of choice for broadcast journalists on assignment, relief organizations responding to disasters, and humanitarian services operating beyond the edge of terrestrial networks.  With its new Global Xpress Ka-band constellation, the company's ability to provide connectivity for safety, information related to fishing, the environment and humanitarian support under the generic heading of “The Internet of Things,” will offer a major leap forward. 

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